​CHIlDHOOD MONTESSORI takes pride in extra curriculum activities to help children get all they can out of their happy growing years.

​gardening, toy design and decorating, composing their own music and Writing /drawing their own story-picture books.


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Happy childhood at Childhood  Montessori

         Childhood Education for Life!

​​Childhood Montessori empowers students based on respect for each child as a unique individual. Observing the children carefully, following their lead, and giving them tools needed to develop their strength as well as the courage to master challenges.

Each activity is divided into sample parts and presented in a sequence that allows the child to experience success at every step.

Within the context of an accepting and nurturing environment the child's natural tendencies to explore the world are supported. The child is encouraged to learn from the lessons, developing concentration and skills of mind and body coordination that carry over to other subjects and activities.

The Montessori Method of Child Development was spearheaded by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), first woman physician. She developed a comprehensive system of education for young children based on research data focused on curriculum, development, and method of teaching.

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